A long history related to the vine and the wine

Gevrey-Chambertin is full of superlatives as its history
and its heritage related to wine are rich and singular.

Saint-Vincent Tournante Gevrey-Chambertin 2020

Largest vineyard on the Côte-d'Or

With its 550 hectares, the name of Gevrey-Chambertin radiates throughout the world and time. « King’s wine, king of wines », sanctified by Victor Hugo, drunk by Napoleon I, Chambertin stands above the pyramid of wines, supported by eight other great wines, unique in Burgundy!

The story begins in ancient times

About 2,000 years ago. The cultivation of the vine then appears in Gevrey-Chambertin known as Gibriacum. The implantation of this vine at the bottom of the village at a place called « Above Bergis » is probably associated with a Gallo-Roman domain. It is today the oldest trace of the vine in BurgundyGevrey is also distinguished by its Clos de Bèze, land given by Almagaire de Bourgogne to the abbey of Bèze.Institué in 630 and constituted entirely in the XIII ° in its surface Currently, he is considered the oldest of the closed Burgundy.

Gevrey, the first wine-growing town

In 1847 by royal decree of Louis-Philippe, Gevrey is the first wine-growing town authorized to add the name of its most prestigious grand cru. Gevrey becomes Gevrey-Chambertin,

At the heart of the climates of the Burgundy Vineyard

Finally, Gevrey-Chambertin radiates in the heart of the climates of the Burgundy Vineyards, which are listed as world heritage sites in 2015. Its 26 first growths, 80 village sites and 9 grands crus are all constituent elements of this mosaic of vineyards. hallowed climates today at UNESCO.As long as the oldest mention of « climate » dates from 1584 and concerns … The Chambertin! This name of Chambertin is everywhere here: on the monuments, the trade, the streets … so be it known as a king.

Popular festival of the beginning of the century

He has surrounded himself with a college of ambassadors in the years to enthrall the best of the world of gastronomy, sport, culture … King Chambertin. Today, the King Chambertin festival gives place to a charity sale for the benefit of medical causes.And of course, tastings to invite to discover the international professional press to discover the new vintage! Today the young generation of wine growers pushes excellence in the work done by their elders . They are more than ever attentive to their terroirs, with the knowledge of now familiar geology, a mastered production, to extract the quintessence of their slopes in one concern: quality!

The vine growers of Gevrey-Chambertin

The winemakers of Gevrey-Chambertin are pushed in a beautiful dynamic, with wines that tutaient the tops. Short and appreciated by all around the world, they have become international stars! But with all the humility and gravity that the people of the earth have to the forces of nature.Also they do not forget their traditions in the conviviality and the mutual help through their society of mutual aid.Modernity and tradition, respect more and more of ecology, excellence and humility, the winemaker is a smuggler of memory.

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